How to Play Friend Or Faux Remotely


It’s not how many friends we have, but how well we know them! Friend Or Faux inspires players to get personal, share stories, recall memories and make you laugh until it hurts. Points are earned and unexpected connections are made through five rounds of increasingly revealing questions that players answer about each other. At times risqué and often surprising, Friend or Faux is a light-hearted way to enjoy some real-life interactions with new friends, old friends, and faux friends.

Materials Needed:

  • One Friend Or Faux Deck
  • Pen (or a pencil, or a crayon…)
  • Paper
  • Internet


Grab your laptop or smart phone and hop on any video call service – we used Zoom for the tutorial.

One player will be the designated gamemaster; they’ll read out the cards to the other players. Everyone else is still responsible for keeping track of their own talleys! Use that handy pen and paper to do this.

  1. The gamemaster separates the Friend Or Faux cards by color and places them in numerical order.
  2. On a sheet of paper, everyone should make a BullShit card, then on another sheet of paper, write down the names of the other players.
  3. Starting with the first deck, the gamemaster draws the top card and reads the question in relation to player 1. For example: “Does player 1 prefer chocolate or beer?” The other players must then predict what they think the answer will be.
  4. Once everyone has finished writing, each person reveals their answer. Afterwards, player 1 confirms who was right or wrong.
  5. If anyone thinks player 1 is lying, they can use their Bullshit card! Player 1 will then have to prove their answer.
  6. Each person that answered correctly gets a point.
  7. The gamemaster then reads the next question in the first deck in relation to player 2.
  8. Repeat previous steps 3 through 6.
  9. The round is over once every person has received a question from the gamemaster. From there, move on to the next round.
  10. After all the rounds have been played, the person with the most points is the winner!

Stay safe, and have a great time playing Friend Or Faux remotely!

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