How to Play Shit Happens with Friends and Family Remotely


Are you tired of playing Go Fish with your pets and losing? How about those weekly calls with Mom reminding you to pull out your sewing machines and make your own mask? Well, we have the thing for you.

Shit Happens is a wickedly fun card game and with a few steps you can play with anyone around the world – given they have an internet connection.

Materials Needed:

  • One Shit Happens Deck
  • Pen (or a pencil, or a crayon…)
  • Paper
  • Internet

Take it Online
Grab your laptop or smart phone and hop on any video call service – we used Zoom for the tutorial.

One play will be the designated gamemaster; they’ll read out the cards to players and line up everyone’s Lanes of Pain. Everyone else is still responsible for keeping track of their lane! Use that handy pen and paper to do this.



  1. First, the gamemaster shuffles the deck and deals three cards to all the players. Placing them in numerical order of their Misery Indexes.
  2. The remaining cards will be used as the gamemasters draw pile (aka, your big pile of shit).
  3. Pluck a card from the top of the pile and read it to the players, then they try to guess where it fits within their index. If they guess correctly, they win the card. If not, it passes to the next player to guess.
  4. Is catching your parents having sex BETTER or WORSE than having a root canal? Is it WORSE than being hijacked by Somali pirates?
  5. They don’t have to guess the exact index number (which would be, like, impossible). Instead, all they have to do is guess its proper place within the index.
  6. The first person to accumulate 10 cards wins!


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