How to Play Your Worst Nightmare Remotely


Are you afraid of Monsters? Clowns? Oversleeping?!?!

This is the first-ever card game that’s creepy and fun and designed to help people face their fears. To make this game, we carefully researched the things that scare people the most. It includes 300 beautifully photographed Fear Cards that depict the scariest, and the funniest, fears you’ve ever seen or experienced. The winner is the first player to score (you guessed it) 13 points by correctly ranking the fears of the other players.

Materials Needed:

  • One Your Worst Nightmare game set
  • Pen (or a pencil, or a crayon…)
  • Paper
  • Internet


Grab your laptop or smart phone and hop on any video call service – we used Zoom for the tutorial.

One player will be the designated gamemaster; they’ll read out the cards to the other players. Everyone else is still responsible for keeping track of their own talleys! Use that handy pen and paper to do this.

  1. Usually, the oldest person in the group starts as player 1. But you can select any person you want.
  2. The gamemaster shuffles the fear cards and lays down four.
  3. On a sheet of paper, everyone should rank the fears from scariest #1 to least scariest #4… but based on how you think player 1 would rank them!
  4. Once everyone has finished writing, each person reveals their answers. Afterwards, player 1 confirms who was right or wrong.
  5. Each person that answered correctly gets a point.
  6. The gamemaster then places down four new fear cards, and play continues to player 2.
  7. Repeat previous steps 3 through 5.
  8. Keep playing until someone reaches 13 points and wins the game!

Stay safe, and have a great time playing Friend Or Faux remotely!

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