Download Shit Happens: Spring 2020 Edition!

How to make your own Shit Happens: Spring 2020 Edition Deck
1. Click the button below to download this PDF, and then get it to your local print shop. You can submit it online in most cases.
2. Ask the shop to print the game on heavy white cardstock (if you want to sound fancy, request 80-pound cardstock). You can print in black and white or color – we’ve tested both, but you’ll probably enjoy the game more if you print in color.
3. Here’s where you choose your own adventure: you can ask the shop to cut the cards for you for a nominal fee, or you can do it yourself. It’s really up to you.
4. In our experience, the whole printing process took 2 hours. This is the perfect time to learn the rules of Shit Happens: Spring 2020 and maybe take a shower.